“Porretta belongs on every serious blues and soul festival-goer's bucket list, a confluence of positive forces to be honored and treasured.”
Dick Shurman, Paul Harris Living Blues 2017

ART DIRECTOR Graziano Uliani


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Soul City

Porretta Terme, il Festival e la Musica
Written by Edoardo Fassio // Preface by Renzo Arbore // Published by Vololibero

Since 1988, on the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, an exhibition dedicated entirely to soul has been held, that music resulting from the meeting of jazz, blues, gospel, rock and country that gave voice and visibility to the battles of black America for civil rights and for a citizenship worthy of the name.

The review has a very specific name: Porretta Soul Festival. Everything has taken root from the dream of a boy in love with the music of Otis Redding and Rufus Thomas who, as an adult, will find himself living in via Otis Redding and having the stars of black music parading in an outdoor amphitheater – the Rufus Thomas Park – thus transforming his town into the City of Soul.

The formula works: the most prestigious singers and musicians of the past and present line up to get on that prestigious stage and word of mouth draws fans from all over the world.

Soul City explains how this all happened.